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The founding team of CroStars Innovation ran their first drone light show as early as 2016. On Feb. 11, 2017, the team raised 1,000 drones to the sky in Guangzhou, China, to celebrate Lantern Festival. It's the 1st time the world saw 4 dight of drones presenting stories in the sky. This event marked the drone light became an established business application.

Nowadays, CroStars has become one of the world's leading drone show performers and a primary provider of swarm drone systems.

Vivid drone show time, Drone light show near me, Drone light show 2022, City of drone light show, Drone light show company, Drone light show software, Drone information light show, Drone show control
drone show 2022, Drone light show painting, Drone light show YouTube, Vivid drone show

System and Distribution Network

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As a primary provider of swarm drone systems, we develop and distribute drone show systems. Our latest product, CroStars III, is the integration of experience of 10,000 shows and 140 patents. The system was designed from scratch for the light show, to ensure the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and creativity. We provide turnkey solutions including hardware, software, SOP, and training to our business partners.

We're recruiting business partners worldwide.

Technology and Certifications

Out innovation patents cover multiple technical areas necessary for drone light shows, including control and positioning, path planning, communication and sensing, lighting and power management.

Selected Innovation Patents

Selected Certifications

Drone light show painting, Drone light show YouTube, Vivid drone show


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