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3 Things You Should Know about Drone Show

3 Things You Should Know about Drone Show

May 29, 2023


Drone light shows are performed by illuminated, synchronized, and choreographed groups of drones that arrange themselves into various aerial formations. Almost any image can be recreated in the sky by a computer program that turns graphics into flight commands and communicates them to the drones.

1. How much do drone shows cost?

Multiple factors affect the price, like the show’s content, drone quantity, event place and time, logistics, team accommodation, and even the drone show provider’s name. Please reach out to us as soon as possible via email or this website to ensure you get additional info and discuss the details and services we can offer.

2. How many drones are required for my show?

Depending on the scale of the event, we recommend using a range of 200-300 pieces for a private party, 500 drones for city-scale events, and 1,000+ quadcopters for national-scale professional celebrations. Notice that the more UAVs you use, the more complex and detailed formations can be performed. A show of 2,000+ drones may break several world records.

3. How long does a drone show last?

A perfect drone show lasts up to 15 minutes before drones return home. Low temperatures or strong wind may shorten the duration of shows to 8-10 minutes. This time allows us to bring up from 9 to 15 images of any origin, from brand logos and large writings to shining abstract formations and perfectly drawn animals and creatures of any type.

Shows are flown by certified pilots, experts in relevant aviation subject matter, including regulations and weather. Prior to every show, checklists are used to make sure everything is in order: drones are fully operational, batteries are charged, and the flight area is clear. Once these checks are complete, the pilot presses GO and the drones take off on their mission!

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